August 17, 2015

Thoughts Hillary Clinton Servergate

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I am appalled at how long this has dragged on. I believe the following steps would quickly resolve the issues.

  1. Obtain a list of all emails sent  by State Department and Intelligence agencies to HRC.
  2. Extract name of sender, date email sent, time email sent, and classified status of email.
  3. Do the same extraction for  emails on HRC server and thumb drive.
  4. This will make it easy to determine if classified status was changed on any email on HRC server or thumb drive.
  5. Find which emails State or Intelligence sent out that are not on HRC server.
  6. Either these emails were deleted from HRC server (that’s bad because she said no emails involving her work were deleted) or HRC can show where she read and responded to them (hopefully on secure server.)

If government cannot do this quickly we need a President from the Private Sector!!!

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