July 2, 2009

Who is the best hitting team in the AL?

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So far this year (through July 1)The Tampa Bay Rays have scored around 5.5 runs per game, the most in the American League. Does this mean they are the best hitting team in the AL? Not necessarily. It all depends on whether or not their home field  is a “hitters” or “pitchers” park. Using techniques described in the Chapter 40 of my upcoming book Mathletics  we determined Park factors (a concept pioneered by the famous Bill James) for all parks during the 2009 season. We found,  for example, that after adjusting for abilities of teams  hitting and pitching a team tends to score  .29 runs per game  more than average when playing on the Rays home field. After adjusting for each team’s Park Factor we find that the Indians are the best hitting team in the AL, with their offense being .89 runs  per game better than average. The best pitcher’s park in the American League this year is Cleveland while the best parker for hitters is Minnesota’s home park.

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