November 13, 2010

Things I think I Think about the NBA

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With apologies to Peter King of Sports Il;ustrated for the title of my post here are some interesting NBA tidbits.

         Adjusted +/- numbers are certainly not completely reliable at this points in season but they still point out “which way the wind is blowing” so far in the young NBA season.

  • Devin Harris +42 and Millsap +40 have keyed their teams’ surprisingly strong starts.  All last season Jazz performed better with Millsap on court than Boozer so the latter is no surprise.
  • Biedrins +30 and Bellinelli +28 are the unsung heroes in the surprising starts of the Warriors and Hornets.
  • Young players Beasley (+22), Holiday (+21), Augustin +15 and Gibson +25 have made key breakthroughs.
  • The Rockets were horrible with Yao on the court (Adjusted +/- of -25),
  • Lamar Odom (+16) and Pau Gasol (+15) have keyed the Lakers more than Kobe.
  • Pau is not the best Gasol; Marc Gasol has adjusted +/- of +24 due to to his amazing defense.
  • Joel Anthony (-12 Adjusted +/- and very poor impact) has hurt the Heat.
  • Ilyasova +32 has been amazing for the Bucks and it is great to see that Andrew Bogut (+17) has not missed a beat after his  horrific injury last season.
  • Serge Ibaka +17 has played well for Thunder, but with Durant on the court the Thunder’s defense has been very poor.
  • Rookie Gordon Hayward (-45 Adjusted +/-) is off to a poor start.
  • A healthy Mike Dunleavy (+28) has keyed the Pacers’ improved play.
  • Frye’s (-13) poor play has really hurt the Suns.
  • Mcgee (-20) has really hurt the Wizards.
  • Rashard Lewis (-17) has yet to find his stride for the Magic.
  • Baron Davis (-14) has played poorly for the Clippers.


  1. yes, i lie bellinelli very much. Great player at SG with his size.
    But I didn’t saw Gibson that good. What about Chandler from the Mavs. Has he improved his team or why are they playing that well the last 3 games?

    Comment by david — November 15, 2010 @ 9:16 am

  2. Yeah, Durant’s defense has been terrible, hasn’t it? I can see why you wouldn’t want him on your team.

    Comment by Malcolm — November 25, 2010 @ 11:14 pm

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