July 27, 2010

Laker 2010-2011 Forecast 65-17

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Yesterday we predicted the Heat to be 66-16 next season. Applying our Adjusted +/- ratings for the Laker’s players from last season and using last season’s minutes played (adjusted in Blake’s case) we get a projected record for the Lakers of 65-17! As you can see below, Blake and Barnes are two great pickups. They are easily superior to Brown and Farmar. The predicted wins is based on the well-known Puthagorean formula that converts points better than average (in this case 10) to games one. Looks like these teams will be well-matched, if they make it to the finals. As the Celtics showed this year, nobody should take a finals trip as a given!

Player Min Rating
Kobe 34 7.9
Gasol 29 1.1
Artest 32 2.9
Bynum 22 -2.5
Odom 32 3.1
Blake 19 0.6
Barnes 26 3.2
Powell 7 -11.7
Mbenga 4 -3.2
Sasha 7 0.4
Fisher 28 1.4

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