May 26, 2010

Suns Lakers Game 4 Analysis

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This is getting interesting! You probably do not need any math to  tell you the Suns bench lineup of Amundsen, Frye, Dudley, Dragic and Barbosa(+15 points) won this game for the Suns. For the series this lineup is +30 points in 20 minutes when Bynum and Odom are on the court, and last night the bench lineups was +18 points in 11 minutes against Bynum and Odom.  Against Gasol and Odom, the bench lineup is -11 points in 10 minutes. For once Phil Jackson made a bad move, because he did not realize that he needed Gasol and Odom out there against the bench lineup. Clearly Bynum cannot move enough to cut off the Suns 3 pointers.

Gentry deserves tons of credit for going with 5 bench players and making it work. To my knowledge no other team this year has done this successfully. Of course, going with 5 bench players means you can have lots of minutes with your sterters on the court.

  • By the way Frye last night still had trouble against Gasol Odom duo (Suns were-7 points here.). 
  •  The Suns have many more degrees of freedom than the Lakers have  in their lineup choices and it looks like this series comes down to Game 5!  I think the Suns have a real shot here.
  • I still think Lopez deserves more time but if Bynum and Odom are out there, the Suns bench should “make hay while the Suns shine.”

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  1. The one big problem that the Suns will have to deal with is now they have to win 2 out of three, with two games being played in LA. My gut says Lakeshow in 7.

    Comment by Derek — May 26, 2010 @ 7:10 pm

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