May 23, 2010

Magic Celtics Analysis Thru 3

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In the New York Times Off the Dribble Blog on Thursday May 20

we commented that during the first two games of the Celtics-Magic series the Magic got killed when Barnes was on the court against Pierce, Ray Allen, and Rondo (-25 points in 31 minutes). We also pointed out that Lewis, Carter, Howard, Nelson, and Redick was pretty good against the Celtic trio +10 points in 20 minutes).

So what happened in the Game 3 disaster? As philosopher George Santyana said: “Those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.”  In Game 3 Barnes on the court against Ray Allen, Rondo and Pierce was -16 points in 16 minutes. Redick, Carter, Lewis, Nelson and Howard made a cameo appearance for .07 minutes.  As Neil Young said, “Tell me Why.”

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