April 23, 2010

Props to the Thunder!!!!!!!!!!

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The Thunder are giving the Lakers all they can handle. I really think the Thunder can take this series 7 games. For the series as a whole the Thunder has played nearly 8 points better than an average NBA team (all numbers are per48 minutes and adjusted for strength of opponent). Here are some key insights into the series:

  • Thunder starting lineup of KD, Green, Kristic, Sefolosha, and Westbrook has been manhandled:  down 23 points in 43 minutes playing at -12.5 level,
  • When KD is out Thunder are -11 points in 21 minutes (-24 rating).
  • Rest of time the Thunder rock: 80 minutes +28 points, +30 rating.
  • Ibaka should start instead of Kristic: When Ibaka is in with KD Thunder are +20 points in 55 minutes, +33 rating!
  • The frontcourts of KD Harden and Collison ( 26 min +14 points +32 rating) and KD  Green and Collison (29 min +8 points +28 rating) have been great.
  • Ibaka KD with any two of Collison, Green and Harden is great 45 min +30 rating +19 points.
  • For the  Lakers Farmar (+8 Adjusted +/-) and Walton (+18 Adjusted +/- ) have played well but nobody else has made a big positive impact.
  • For entire series Lakers have played 6 points better than average. Their starting lineup of Artest, Bynum. Bryant, Gasol and Fisher is +20 points in 61 minutes and has played 20 points better than average. Rest of the time the Lakers have played 5 points worse than average.


I have 250 exams to grade so I cannot do any more analysis for a while!


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