December 17, 2009

Congrats 76ers

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The 76ers ended their12 game  losing streak by beating Golden State. 

 Then they played the Cavs tough last night As we advised Saturday, the 76ers are not very good when they go big (Andre I, Dalembert and Brand). They got smart and started Holiday (a +5 adjusted +/- ) instead of Brand (-5 rating). Going small paid off with the improved play this week.


  1. Unfortunately for us Dubs fans, nothing cures a 12-game losing streak better than a home game against the Warriors.

    Comment by Cole — December 17, 2009 @ 8:10 pm

  2. Wayne,

    IMO, going “small” for the 76ers was predicated more upon “matching up” better against the Warriors, specifically, who regularly been using a “small” three-guard line-up of their own, in the form of:

    Ellis + Curry + Morrow

    [with support from Watson/PG and Maggette/SF]

    whether paired with:

    Radmanovic/PF and Moore/C;
    Radmanovic/PF and Randolph/C; or,
    Randolph/PF and Moore/C.


    Likewise, vs Cleveland:

    An unconventional “small” line-up for the 76ers that looks like this:

    Iverson + Holiday + Iguodala + Young + Dalembert

    Williams-M + Parker + James + Hickson + O’Neal

    actually allows them to “match-up better” with the Cavaliers on the defensive side of the ball … from a “physical & skill” perspective:

    * Iguodal [i.e. strong and NBA athletic] vs LBJ;

    * Iverson [i.e. small and quick] vs Williams-M;

    * Holiday [i.e. agile and versatile with average strength and decent size] vs Parker;

    * Young [i.e. most athletic PF] vs Hickson; and,

    * Dalembert [i.e. best low-post defender with size] vs O’Neal.

    Comment by khandor — December 18, 2009 @ 4:08 pm

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