November 28, 2009

The Knicks Could be Better!

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So far this year the Knicks have played around 7 points worse than average.  If they continue to play at this poor level, they will be lucky to win 25 games. Things do not have to be this bad! Even below average teams like the Knicks have many decent lineups. So far for the Knicks here are some of their better lineups. For example, Duhon, Harrington, Gallo, Hughes and Chandler in for 13 minutes has played 68 points better (per 48 minutes) than an average NBA lineup. Together the lineups listed below play around 8 points better than average. The rest of the time the Knicks  lineups play 16 points worse than average. Clearly, for most of the lineups below we have a small sample size. Still, playing these lineups more and other poor lineups less minutes would improve the Knicks level of performance. These lineups use all the Knicks rotation players and it would be easy to devise a sequence of lineups that gave each player their needed minutes and still included only “decent” lineups.

       NYK      -2.88     149.97 minutes  

Chandler      Duhon         Gallinari     Hughes        Lee          


NYK      -0.69    33.55 minutes   19

Chandler      Duhon         Harrington    Lee           Robinson     


NYK      18.29    30.47 minutes 

Duhon         Gallinari     Harrington    Hughes        Lee       


   NYK      52.72    17.07 minutes  

Douglas       Gallinari     Harrington    Hughes        Jeffries      


NYK       2.13    15.25 minutes   

Chandler      Douglas       Duhon         Gallinari     Lee          


NYK       6.75    14.97 minutes   

Duhon         Gallinari     Hill          Hughes        Lee          



NYK      10.01 13.76 minutes   

Chandler      Douglas       Harrington    Hughes        Jeffries 


NYK  68.16 13.19 minutes


Chandler      Duhon         Gallinari     Harrington    Hughes 



NYK      48.88      11.28 minutes  

 Duhon         Harrington    Hughes        Jeffries      Lee          


NYK       7.76    11.25 minutes   

Chandler      Duhon         Harrington    Hughes        Jeffries 


NYK      11.18   10.77 minutes   

Duhon         Gallinari     Harrington    Lee           Robinson     


NYK      -3.60      10.08 minutes   

Douglas       Harrington    Hill          Jeffries      Robinson      25.96 years       8548_


  1. Well, the good lineups don’t include Robinson, most likely because he was injured for a significant percentage of the season.

    And they don’t include Curry. Most likely because he’s horrible.

    Comment by Marc R — November 30, 2009 @ 12:21 pm

  2. Of course they cannot so that. But Gallo Harrington and Hughes works real well and should probably play more.

    Comment by wwinston — December 10, 2009 @ 12:36 am

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