July 10, 2015

Pachulia is pretty good.

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The Mavs recovered quickly from DeAndre Jordan’s immature behavior by signing Pachulia. If he is healthy, Pachulia can impact the game. You can see below how much better the Bucks were with Pachulia on the court. For example, with Pachulia on court with Middle ton Bucks played 14 ppg better than average but with Middleton (an excellent player) in and Pachulia out the Bucks were a mediocre 3 ppg worse than average. I think Mavs overpaid for Mathews, because post Achilles surgery most players do not return to their pre surgery levels, but if D Williams is the Mavs point guard and remains healthy the Mavs can still have a solid season next year.


Bayless Middleton Carter-Will Pachulia Dudley Antetokounm Ilyasova Mayo
Pachulia and  other in 8 624m 14 1352m 12 635m 7 1858m 8 557m 5 1317m 8 869m 1 587m
Pachulia out and other in -7 1214m -3 1258m -3 314m dnp -2 1270m -4 1425m -9 592m -5 1266m
Pachulia in and other out 6 1235m -13 507m 4 1223m dnp 6 1301m 13 541m 6 989m 10 1271m
Pachulia out and other out -6 1425m -10 1001m -5 2342m -6 1843m -6 2426m -6 2426m -6 1076m -6 2426m

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