July 1, 2015

Why Middleton is worth Mucho $$s

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Look how Bucks played last year with Middleton in and out. For example Middleton and Bayless in Bucks play 5 ppg better than average. Bayless in and Middleton out 9 ppg worse than average. I do not know what he does but he impacts the game! These numbers are adjusted for strength of opponents faced.


Bayless Plumlee Middleton Carter-Will Pachulia Dudley Antetokounm Ilyasova Mayo Knight
Middleton and  other in 5 950m -2 105m 6 2610m 9 817m 14 1352m 7 1014m 5 1597m 8 1003m 9 690m 6 903m
Middleton out and other in -9 888m -17 101m dnp -3 132m -13 507m -6 813m -7 1144m -15 459m -10 1163m -10 785m
Middleton in and other out 6 1660m 6 2505m dnp 5 1793m -3 1258m 5 1596m 7 1013m 5 1608m 5 1920m 6 1707m
Middleton out and other out -11 889m -11 1674m -19 529m -10 1566m -12 1309m -11 1674m -11 1674m -10 1079m -11 1674m -12 511m

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  1. Stumbled on this site and I wanted to reinforce to you that it’s an exceptional one.

    I’m a huge basketball fan (and played at a high level before college) and rising senior studying OR at Georgia Tech. I studied out of a book of yours as well for an Optimization class.

    Wanted to comment on this post because Kris Middleton is a great example of a player whose contributions are brought to light by using analytics techniques. Great payoff for him this summer. I look forward to reading more of your work.


    Comment by Yatharth Dubey — July 9, 2015 @ 2:44 am

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