April 16, 2014

RPM and Andrew Bogut

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ESPN’s RPM has Bogut well above average. I just do not buy this.  Look at following

  1. AI, Curry and Thompson on court with Bogut: 1174 minutes GSW plays 14 ppg better than average
  2. AI, Curry, Thompson in Bogut out”" 512 min GSW plays at +23 level!
  3. Curry Thompson in AI out Bogut in: 424 min GSW plays at +3 level
  4. Curry Thompson in, AI and Bogut out GSW plays at +8 level

In the immortal words of Arnold of the Book of Mormon, I hope someone at ESPN will “Man Up” and explain how Bogut is above average (Our Adjusted + – has him below average)



  1. RPM over at ESPN is really xRAPM from Jeremias Engelmann’s site..


    xRAPM is 65% RAPM and 35% box score based. He does this because he says this combination does best in predicting outcomes.

    He also has pure RAPM on the site, in his pure RAPM Bogut ranks average. Which leads me to guess that the majority of the discrepency between your APM and RPM is the box score stat addition in RPM.

    Comment by Jevan — April 19, 2014 @ 1:37 am

  2. Thanks. We still have Bogut pretty negative for this year

    Comment by wwinston — April 19, 2014 @ 7:58 am

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