January 19, 2013

Defending Melo

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Interesting article on Melo in this week’s SI. Unfortunately the analytics mentioned are unreasonable. The article suggests that by the numbers Melo has not helped theKnicks much. Take a look at how the Knicks play with players in or out.


Anthony Brewer Chandler Felton Kidd Novak J._Smith Thomas Prigioni Copeland
Anthony and  other in 10.67 4.65 13.47 12.67 12.63 13.82 10.75 4.65 10.08 18.08
Anthony out and other in dnp -1.83 1.14 -3.02 1.04 -1.59 -4.63 -1.24 -4.23 -3.80
Anthony in and other out dnp 14.52 -0.11 7.22 8.06 9.07 10.51 11.27 10.80 10.19
Anthony out and other out -3.05 -3.72 -7.09 -3.06 -7.13 -7.36 2.11 -3.56 -1.73 -2.59

 So with Melo and Chandler in Knicks play 13.47 ppg better than average but with Melo out and Tyson in Knicks only play 1 ppg better than average. Look at these numbers and tell me how Melo has not been very valuable this year!!!!!!!

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  1. Melo has been more valuable this year than in past years because the Knicks have few volume scorers except for himself, JR Smith and Felton. They have a few efficient scorers, but they all have very limited offensive skill sets (Chandler and Novak for example). Now that Amare is back, he can become the #1 scorer off the bench or move to the starting lineup when Melo is out. Melo being out should be less significant going forward.

    Comment by Statmandu — January 25, 2013 @ 9:49 pm

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