October 1, 2009

More on the Bens: Gordon and Wallace

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  1. Here are some good points posters made about Ben Gordon:
  2. Bulls will play Deng Salmons and Hinrich more to replace Ben’s minutes- Good point but Hinrich and Deng do tend to get injured. Deng Rose Hinrich Tyrus and Noah was a very good lineup but in all other minutes without Ben Gordon last year Bulls played 6 points worse than an average team
  3. I said Deng would take Gordon’s position. I meant to say Deng would take many of Gordon’s minutes in starting lineup. In today’s NBA positions do not have much meaning. Josh Howard is now a #2 guard.
  4. Bulls need cap room for the 2010 savior-From media LeBron stays with Cavs or goes to Knicks. If  Bulls have inside track on Chicago native D Wade then I am wrong, because  Wade was LeBron’s equal last year. Then dumping Gordon was right for the long term.  No other free agent out there is worth the 20 million max contract, with possible exception of  Joe Johnson

         On to Ben  Wallace and the Magic -Cavs series. I forgot to mention that in the  Cavs Magic series minutes when Ben Wallace was in without Joe Smith LeBron was always out there. To go -58 points in 57 minutes with LeBron out there is unreal! Rest of time LeBron was in Cavs played 18 points (per 48 min) better than average.

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  1. Doesn’t your post referencing the Bulls horrible line-up decisions cancel out your defense of keeping Ben Gordon on the team, as the only variable from the best +/- and the worst +/- was replacing Gordon for Hinrich? While they were no doubt, several lineups that worked to Ben Gordon’s favor (with discarded parts Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden and Tim Thomas), most of the ones featuring a Rose/Gordon backcourt were well within the minus category. In fact of the top 8 lineups featuring Gordon, 7 of them were minus, while simply replacing Ben with Kirk often resulted in a 20 point swing. Both arguments can’t be right, can they?

    Comment by cwatkins2005 — October 2, 2009 @ 4:01 pm

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