May 25, 2012

The Amazing Spurs

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Spurs have been even more amazing than most people think. Looking at the whole
season Spurs have played 7.3 ppg better than average (all numbers adjust for
quality of opponents). The Thunder have played 7.1 ppg better than average so
the series looks even? No way! If you
look at the time the Spurs play only their top 10 players in 662 minutes the
Spurs play 26 ppg better than average. The Thunder in the minutes involving
their top 10 guys play only 10ppg better than average.
Since teams shorten
their rotation in playoffs, the Spurs have a massive upside. Here are some
amazing combinations the Spurs can play.


Parker, Manu, Duncan with a 5th of Bonner, Leonard or Diaw: 97 minutes 57 ppg
better than average


Duncan, Parker Diaw, No Manu
166 min 36 ppg better than average


Duncan Parker Manu no Diaw
119 min +33 ppg  better than average


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  1. There’s a reasonable chance the Spurs and the Heat will battle in the finals. Despite being a Heat fan, I think the Spurs are a better team. However, I’d love to see what your numbers say would be the best line-up for the Heat to use against the Spurs. Thank you!

    Comment by Tallys — May 25, 2012 @ 10:33 am

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