August 30, 2009

How Good a QB was Michael Vick?

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In 2006 (Michael Vick’s) last season he had an NFL QB rating of 75.7, which is way below average. So was Vick a below average QB in 2006? Looking at our new method of evaluating players, we determined how many points were generated on each passing play involving Vck in 2006. We found his passing plays generated 7 points per 100 plays which is far below the league average of 17 points per 100 passing plays. This ranked Vick 27th among 36 QB’s who were involved in at least 200 passing plays.

    The key to Michael Vick, however, is his great running ability. On 122 rushes in 2006 Vick generated an amazing 60 points per 100 rushes. Among all rushers who rushed at least 100 times this was by far the best performance in the league(including running backs!). When we factor in a QB’s rushing attempts we see that  Vick created 18 points per 100 plays which paced him 13th out of 36 QB’S.   Our new analysis indicates that in 2006 Vick was an above average QB.

This is another great example of how traditional NFL stats are incredibly misleading .

For more details of how to use nontraditional stats to evaluate football, baseball and basketball players pick up a copy of my new book Mathletics.

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