April 24, 2011

Thoughts on Pacers and Grizzlies

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The Pacers Bulls and Grizzlies Spurs series can be summed up in a couple of sentences. All numbers on lineups are per48 minutes, adjusted for strength of players faced.

  • When the Bulls have Korver, Boozer, Deng and Rose on court with Noah or Gibson they are great; play at 40 points betterĀ than average per 48 minutes in 39 minutes. Rest of time Bulls play 10 points worse than average.
  • Pacers would have won this series if they realized that when Foster and or Dunleavy are in they are great: 87 minutesĀ  playing 19 points better than average. Rest of time Pacers play 5 points worse than average.
  • The Griz are awesome with Mayo, Gasol Randolph and Battier or Tony Allen on court. 33 minutes 42 points better than average. Rest of time Griz are average.
  • Spurs are horrible when at least one of two subs are on court. If they figure this out they will win the series. If they don’t they will not.

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