April 23, 2011

Playoff Thoughts on Hawks, Celtics, and Lakers

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Looks like Celtics, Hawks, and Lakers will move on. How have they dominated their series? All numbers below are adjusted +/- per 48 minutes for the series. Remember a  negative defensive rating is good. For example, -20 means your team gives up 20 fewer points per 48 minutes (relativeto average defender) when you are in after adjusting for who you played with and against.

Hawks Magic

The Hawks have been great. Crawford +11, JJ +18, Smith +17, Horford +11 and Collins+24 (-32 defense rating)  have been great.

     Superman’s teammates have really let him down.  No way he stays in Orlando unless they shape up. Turk -7, Anderson -7 and Nelson -8 have been below average while Bass -23, JR -17 and Q Richardson -28 have played poorly.

Celtics Knicks

For the Celtics the Big 3 have been terrific. KG +17 (-16 defense rating) dominated the injury plagued Amare (-17) Pierce +10 and Allen +12 haqve also been superb.

   For the Knicks DOuglas -13 (-13 offense rating) has struggled while Walker +14 and Williams +12 deserve more PT.

Lakers Hornets

After the amazing Game 1 upset things have settled back to normal. Blake +6 (+40 Impact) has been a key the last two games. For the Hornets CP3 (+16,, +29 Impact) has been great. Gray +25 and Smith +8 deserve more PT. Ariza -8  has been disapointing.

Key lineups

When Redick replaces JR with Orlando’s starters Magic play 92 points better than average. Play this quintet more! The Hawks have been great (+19 points) in the 42 minutes Hinrich, JJ, Horford and Smith are on court with Collins or Crawford.

The Celtics starting lineup (Big 3 +Rondo+Davis) is +31 points in 65 minutes. For the Knicks Amare, Melo Douglas, Turiaf and Fields is -20 points in 18 minutes. Walker, Williams, Melo Jeffriesand Carter is +15 points in 7 minutes.

The Lakers starting lineup is +10 points in 50 minutes. Blake, Barnes Brown, Odom and Bynum is +9 points in 12 minutes and has played a key role in games 2 and 3.

  The Hornets starting lineup is -16 points in 35 minutes. When Gray replaces Okafor,  Hornets are +11 points in 11 minutes.

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